Perfume Creation and Private Label Perfumes

LVM Consulting assists you from beginning to end in creating your own custom brand and unique perfume. We work with famous Master Perfumers in Grasse, France which is considered the “Perfume Capital of the World”

Our goal is to provide you with as many options possible to make your perfume. We can create your scent or you can choose one of our signature scents to custom brand under your own name. You can even purchase quantities of our perfumes already labeled and packaged. All our perfumes meet international regulations.


  • Will your perfumes be branded under your own name?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What is the quantity desired?
  • Will you need logo and design services?
  • Will you need marketing assistance?
  • Budgetary factors and minimum orders


We work with a Master Perfumer in Grasse to create a variety of sample perfumes based on your preferences. The samples are sent to you in small vials for your final choices.


For perfume and fragrances, packaging is essential. We offer a wide variety of bottle shape, color and sizes along with cap options. You can choose a spray, touch glass, roll or other options.

Next is the choice of bottle engraving or hot foil stamping and finally the choice of box, colors and text.


We offer the following services for marketing your perfume or cosmetics:

Photography :

  • Product Photos
  • Area Photos
  • Usage Photos

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


  • Perfume Professionals
  • International Trade Exhibition
  • Business and Private networks
Fragrances of Wine is a line of four perfumes, each inspired by the notes found in white, rosé, red and sparkling wine. Blanc, Rosé de Provence, Noir, Sparkle

Fragrances of Wine

A perfume inspired by the vineyards in Southern France


La Mer

Les Îles
La Provence

Les Iles

Mediterranean Fragrances
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